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IdentityForge is a global leader in providing enterprise and cloud integration software for identity & access management, biometric, governance and risk, monitoring, modernization projects and custom solutions for both private and public entities.

The IdentityForge Advanced Adapter Suites provide seamless access, real-time data synchronization, bi-directional support for Directory & Biometric Services, Rule Management, Identity & Access Management, Governance and Monitoring software platforms. The IdentityForge LDAPv3 Gateway provides standard access to multiple data platforms in an industry proven way, helping customers realize a true ROI, deploy faster & easier and meet regulatory compliance. Our software provides the essential access to mainframes, midrange, ERP, Cloud systems, server OS and many more target systems that are key components of your enterprise.
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Featured Products

IdentityForge HP NonStop Advanced Adapter now provides integration for User and Alias Group management, XYGate ACLGroup management and much more
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IdentityForge SalesforceCRM Advanced Adapter now includes PermissionSet management, Custom Objects and Field integration, and much more
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